Sheridan Beach Homeowners Association Season End Update – 2013

As we look back on the Summer of 2013, I thought I would provide a little update on “what have we done for you lately?” Well, the answer is quite a bit.  SBHA has:

  • represented our community’s interests in enforcing zoning codes
  • worked with our Councilman to provide input on updating and modernizing the Michigan City zoning code
  • shared lots of information on our crazy property tax situation, including what to pay (and not pay) and how to appeal
  • advocated (with success) for what should be the best looking lift station (a much needed replacement to our sewage and run-off water infrastructure) in all of LaPorte County
  • worked closely with the Michigan City Police Department to assure that the beach community is properly served and protected
  • successfully worked to replace the buoys between Stops 1 and 12
  • hired extra security to patrol the beach and neighboring streets during off-hours and over the busiest weekends
  • shared information and provided numerous updates on issues that are of interest to Sheridan Beachers
  • provided a great opportunity for our neighbors to get to know each other better

There is more that we can do if we have more support and involvement.  Sheridan Beach has come a long way in the last 10 plus years.  We want to help provide “identity” to Sheridan Beach, maintain a high level of safety, retain our community’s character and charm, and serve the interests of all Sheridan Beachers.  We look forward to your being a part of that effort.

Jed R. Mandel,